At-Home Screening Can Save Us From a Multibillion-Dollar Problem

At-Home Screening Could Save Us From a Multibillion-Dollar Problem

This article was originally published in Fierce Healthcare. Much of the discussion around COVID-19 has followed an important and familiar formula—social distancing, flattening the curve, quarantining, developing and rolling out vaccines, and dealing with the day after. These measures are critical, given the acute nature of the pandemic. At this stage, the general public is […]

Why We Acquired Silicon Valley’s inui Health Acquires inui Health

Establishing a digital health company in 2014 was hard. When Ron, Ido, the team and I worked to establish the foundations of our first FDA clinical trial, there were so many imagination gaps we had to close. The vision of the  medical selfie seemed too far out—almost inconceivable. A lot of hard work made us […]