Camels vs. Unicorns

Is your company a camel or a unicorn?

Digital health is used as a label for everything from consumer-facing wellness companies to companies bordering on the pharmaceutical domain. This creates a lot of confusion. What does digital health really mean? In this video, our CEO Jonathan (Yonatan) Adiri explains how he sees digital health by exploring the differences between camels and unicorns. Video Transcript […]

Will Clicks Kill Bricks? The Future of Pharmacies in the Age of Amazon

Will tech companies destroy local pharmacies as they enter the competitive retail health care space? Will $500 billion worth of prescriptions go from brick and mortar pharmacies to online stores? We don’t think so. Hear more from our CEO Jonathan (Yonatan) Adiri as he analyzes why local pharmacies will withstand these changes and continue providing […]

Tackling Healthcare Problems, One Startup at a Time

2019 was a strong year for digital health IPOs: Livongo Health, Phreesia, Health Catalyst, and Change Healthcare all went public. This amounts to a strong validation of evidence-based, digital healthcare, and it’s great news for healthcare innovators and even better news for patients worldwide. As our CEO Jonathan (Yonatan) Adiri explains, This is another signal that […]