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Why We Acquired Silicon Valley’s inui Health

Establishing a digital health company in 2014 was hard.

When Ron, Ido, the team and I worked to establish the foundations of our first FDA clinical trial, there were so many imagination gaps we had to close. The vision of the  medical selfie seemed too far outalmost inconceivable.

A lot of hard work made us pioneers. 

We were the first to market, and the first to receive an FDA Class II approval making us equivalent to a lab device. We serve 150,000 paying customers worldwide. Our product is now on the shelves of 1,300 Boots stores across the UK, thanks to our relationship with Walgreens Boots Alliance. We have incredible partnerships with the likes of NHS England, Geisinger Health, and HMOs covering nearly 10,000,000 people and more.

Throughout our journey, Silicon Valley-based inui Health (formerly known as Scanadu) was always there—at times complementary, at times challenging our core belief that our product must be built around the existing dipstick and technology as opposed to disrupting it. We have always been looking across the pond to see if there’s something we’ve missed as we stayed true to our path. 

Six years later, it is not trivial that as a Middle Eastern “Technology Camel”, we are acquiring a company from the valley of unicorns.

We consider it a great privilege and opportunity to welcome Dr. Jaime Tenedorio, inui Health’s CEO, and are excited we were able to ink a deal to acquire the very same assets that were on track to compete with us. 

inui Health has been working towards the same vision, back when routine home urine testing sounded crazy. Integrating the IP and know-how of the only other company to receive a Class II FDA clearance in our field will cement our leading position in the market, and will help us accelerate our ability to serve US patients.

This milestone-driven, $9m acquisition is a testament to the ever growing circle of trust within and around This circle of trust is made up of incredible investors, a phenomenal team now spanning four sites around the globe (Singapore, Tel Aviv, London and Boston), an array of clinical partners, and of courseat the corethe patients we so proudly serve.

As the COVID-19 pandemic now accelerates the decentralization of our healthcare system, we are resolved to work harder in expanding the new clinical reality we introduced and bring the medical selfie to a growing number of patients, faster.

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