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Implementing Patient-Led Wound Care Technology With Johns Hopkins

For the last several months, the Wound team has been in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland to improve outcomes for patients with chronic diabetic wounds. Healthy’s Minuteful for Wound solution brings smartphone-based technology to wound care management and allows for better, more accurate decision making. This innovative collaboration allows Johns Hopkins patients to scan their own wounds in the privacy of their home, at their convenience, using their smartphone and the Minuteful for Wound app. This approach enables the prevention of severe wound deterioration that can result in amputations. Improving analysis, reducing healing times, and saving money, Minuteful for Wound also flags deteriorating wounds, alerts the care team, and enables earlier intervention.

The initial phase of the pilot study was the first time a comparison study had been completed testing a digitized wound care patient-facing application without the mediation of a nurse. Results of the study have now been published in the most cited endocrinology and metabolism journal, Frontiers in Endocrinology. Topline findings from the study include:

  • In one case, the Minuteful for Wound solution allowed the clinician to provide timely interventions to a patient at risk for amputation – preserving the patient’s limb.
  • 36% of patients saw clinical changes (e.g. changing their wound care procedure or scheduling an earlier clinic appointment) to their wound management.
  • 94% of patients reported that the Minuteful for Wound solution was easy to use and beneficial.


We are thrilled to be collaborating with Johns Hopkins to utilize this innovative technology, which empowers patients and their caregivers to take an active role in their wound care management,” said Geoff Martin, CEO of “This new patient-centered technology offers a convenient, precise, and reliable solution for early detection and intervention, ultimately improving the patient outcomes and saving significant costs.

These results have led to the rollout of a far larger study to be completed in multiple locations in the USA and Canada. This study will focus on the treatment of lower extremity wounds and wound healing efficacy with remote wound monitoring versus the standard in person clinic visit.

To learn more about Minuteful for Wound, please visit:

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