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Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award Recipient Set to Scale with the NHS as Part of £140M AI Award

We’re excited to share that has been selected for the Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award to accelerate the adoption of our smartphone-based home kidney testing service and improve access to care for hundreds of thousands of people in the UK.

The NHS announced today that has been selected as one of several recipients chosen from a pool of over 530 applicants. The companies will be awarded a share of £50 million from a total pot of £140 million over three years to deploy technologies to NHS sites and transform care. The award is run by the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) in partnership with NHSX and the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

Today’s announcement is a culmination of a three-year long journey of close collaboration with the NHS. We worked side by side with our friends in national and regional NHS bodies, the NHS Innovation Accelerator, and many more organisations and charities to rigorously test, evaluate and implement our solutions across the UK. The award is a direct result of the credibility we’ve built with them, with clinicians, and with patients over time as trusted partners. 

In multiple locations around the United Kingdom, we’ve proven our ability to use at-home urinalysis to raise adherence to testing for chronic kidney disease (CKD), allowing clinicians to identify CKD early, slow its progression and help save lives. With this award, we’ll be able to dramatically improve screening with our CKD Early Detection Service, and do even more in the fight against the disease that costs the NHS £1.5 billion annually

Today, we look forward to continuing our journey with the NHS on a larger scale, and to craft sustainable and affordable digital solutions that build upon our portfolio of solutions for urinary tract infections, maternity, wound care—and CKD.

This important milestone is a real tipping point for the company, as it reaffirms our strategic decision to begin our global journey with the NHS and to continue focusing on remote care for people suffering from chronic conditions, even during COVID-19. We are proud that it has brought us to this moment and we look forward to sharing more good news with you in the near future.

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