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Unveiling the Future of Healthcare at the GDS Healthcare Digital Summit

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, staying at the forefront of innovation is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. That’s why we were thrilled to attend and present a session at the GDS Healthcare Digital Summit, an event that took the virtual conference experience to new heights. 


The GDS Healthcare Digital Summit set a new standard for virtual events with its cutting-edge technology platform. Designed as a digital-first environment, the platform seamlessly merged the benefits of an in-person conference with the convenience of online participation.  One of the key highlights was the quality of the attendees. Healthcare leaders, innovators and professionals from across the US gathered online to share their expertise and insights. “The diversity of backgrounds and experiences in the virtual crowd created a very collaborative atmosphere”, said VP, Strategy and Partnerships Adam Russell. “It was great to  have such in-depth discussions around key healthcare issues including affordability, accessibility,  health equity, etc despite being hosted remotely.”


Our session, a 10-minute Insights Break with Adam was met with enthusiasm and appreciation. The audience’s engagement and the vibrant polling and Q&A session that followed demonstrated the relevance and impact of the importance of CKD testing in 2024 and beyond. Given the conversations throughout the event, it was perhaps no surprise that there was a lot of discussion around social determinants of health, the challenge of connecting with hard-to-reach populations, and value-based care. The interactive format of the virtual event allowed for real-time feedback and collaboration, which added immense value to the overall experience. 


The insightful questions posed during the sessions were indicative of the caliber of the audience. Attendees demonstrated a deep understanding of the healthcare industry’s challenges and were eager to learn about potential solutions.


GDS Group Vice President Alexi Hayes summarized the conversation, “ is bringing innovation to HUGE challenges in healthcare.  With hypertension and diabetes on the rise in the US, CKD is more prevalent, costing the Healthcare industry billions of dollars! democratizes access to care with readily available technology which can greatly improve RAF scores and reduce total cost of care, my team and I are incredibly excited to have had the opportunity to introduce them to our Healthcare executive community last week.” 


The GDS Healthcare Digital Summit was a testament to the power of technology and innovation in bringing the healthcare community together to continue driving conversations forward. The event’s impressive platform, great attendees, exceptional questions, and the warm reception of our session made this a remarkable experience. 

To view Adam’s session click here (Vimeo will open in a new window) or to schedule a call with one of our team click here.



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