Every third American adult is at risk for chronic kidney disease, and 37 million people already live with this life-threatening condition.

Treatment for CKD costs Medicare over $120 billion dollars annually, nearly a quarter of all spending. The final stage of the disease, when treatment involves a kidney transplant or dialysis, is particularly expensive.

Since CKD is asymptomatic in its early stages, 90% of Americans with CKD are unaware that they have it. A simple urine test measuring the albumin to creatinine ratio can provide that early warning. But adherence rates for people at risk, such as those with diabetes and hypertension, are as low as 20% on average.

Healthy.io’s CKD Early-Detection Service helps to prevent the progression of the disease to its deadly and costly late stages by reaching at-risk Americans who don’t normally adhere to recommended annual urine testing.

Find out how Healthy.io is raising adherence and promoting early detection by making routine testing more convenient and accessible.

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