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How Minuteful Kidney Helped Improve Testing Rates Among Diverse, At-Risk Populations

The results of this pilot were recently presented by Cigna Healthcare and at the 2023 American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Virtual Poster Symposium. 

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) poses a significant risk to millions of American adults, with one in three individuals facing the possibility of developing the condition. Despite the importance of regular urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio testing (uACR), many people fail to complete this crucial test. However, with the widespread accessibility of smartphones among 85% of Americans, solutions like Minuteful Kidney represent new opportunities. Leveraging smartphone technology, at-home digital health testing has the potential to transform the way providers, payers, and patients address health challenges like CKD. Using the Minuteful Kidney solution can help eliminate barriers to health, reduce health inequities and drive members back into care.

Between 2021 and 2022, Cigna Healthcare completed a study across 11 states nationwide involving 4,956 adults diagnosed with diabetes and/or hypertension, without CKD, and no prior uACR test. Participants were selected from areas with pronounced social determinants of health needs (economy, education, language and culture, health coverage, infrastructure and food access) and categorized by payer type (Commercial or Medicare). 

The study revealed:

  • 85% of individuals with abnormal or high abnormal test results and 84% of all participants went on to share their results with their PCP during follow-up appointments. (as validated through a validation claims review). 
  • Engagement remained consistent across different demographics, including race, ethnicity, rural and urban communities, and income. 
  • An overall test completion rate of 25%, with 24% for the Commercial population and 26% for the Medicare population. 87% of patients agree that services like Minuteful Kidney make it easier to access the care they need.

Minuteful Kidney emerged as a powerful tool for improving uACR testing rates among a diverse and hard-to-reach at-risk patient population. Significantly, this testing method demonstrated equal effectiveness across patients with varying needs related to social determinants of health. Patients consistently reported that services like Minuteful Kidney provided peace of mind, instant health insights, and the convenience of conducting tests in the comfort of their homes. The success of the program was further enhanced by coordinated communication between patients, providers, and payers, which was validated through claims review.

Clinical Test Results Breakdown by Population Type

Commercial Medicare
Test completion rate 23.9% 26.4%
Tested normal 74.6% 64.1%
Tested abnormal 19.0% 29.3%
Tested high abnormal 6.4% 6.6%

To learn more about how harnessing the potential of smartphone-based kidney health testing can overcome barriers to CKD testing, enhance patient experiences, and drive proactive management of the disease, a copy of the poster is available below. For the full conference proceedings, click here.

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